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Unlocking Visitor Engagement: The Waterford AR Story Trail

Waterford Castle

The city of Waterford offers a new approach to discovering its historical and cultural richness. With the Waterford Digital Story Trail, tourists can explore the city’s heritage using Augmented Reality (AR), offering a unique, immersive experience.


Immerse yourself in the history of Waterford through the lens of innovative technology. The Waterford Digital Story Trail, launched by the Waterford City and County Council (WCCC), is an AR-enhanced exploration of this historic city.


Unleashing AR in Heritage Tourism

Incorporating AR into the fabric of the city, the Story Trail takes tourists on a journey to 15 distinct locations, each with a tale to tell. Using their smartphones, visitors can visualize and interact with the city’s past, making it a unique experience that goes beyond traditional sightseeing.


The Role of Technology

AR brings Waterford’s history to life, offering a window into the past right on the visitor’s smartphone. Users scan QR codes placed around the city, unlocking digital animations that seem to coexist with the physical world around them.


Interactive Storytelling

But the AR experience is not just about visuals; it’s about stories, too. By scanning QR codes, visitors access audio tales from historical figures and learn intriguing facts about the city’s past.


Travel Through Time

The Story Trail spans over a thousand years of Waterford’s history, bringing to life important characters and events. From Viking kings to leaders of rebellions, from master craftsmen to silversmiths, the Story Trail paints a vivid picture of Waterford’s heritage.


Recognizing Craftsmanship

The Story Trail also celebrates Waterford’s rich tradition of craftsmanship. It digitally recreates historic scenes, such as an 18th-century glass-blowing scene by the founders of Waterford Crystal, and showcases the façade of an ancient silversmith shop.


Project Funding

The Waterford Digital Story Trail is a result of a significant investment of 500K Euros. Funded under the Destination Town’s Initiative by Fáilte Ireland and Waterford City and County Council (WCCC), the project demonstrates the transformative potential of technology in heritage tourism.



The Waterford Digital Story Trail Developed by Imvizar serves as a model for other cities looking to innovate their tourist experiences. By combining AR technology with rich historical content, heritage sites can engage visitors in new, immersive ways. The Story Trail shows how technology can not only bring the past to life but also make it interactive, enriching the visitor’s experience and understanding of a city’s cultural and historical landscape.


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