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Amaze your visitors
with the magic of AR.

Visitor attractions use Xsite to create immersive AR experiences that drive visitor engagement, revenue, and retention.

It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s affordable

Transform Your Site in 3 easy steps:

Transform Your Site
in 3 easy steps:

Step One

Your Site's Unique Charm

Select the most engaging points of interest at your site. Use your mobile device to highlight the unique stories that bring your attractions to life.

Step Two

Immersive Digital Experiences

Transform your top points of interest into extraordinary mixed-reality experiences. Our user-friendly Web Studio makes it easy for anyone to make magic.

Step Three

Your Physical & Digital Attractions

Simply drag and drop the AR experiences into your real-world site. Watch as your site comes alive in a whole new way and captivating your visitors.

Action-Ready Wizardy

Pre-built experiences make launching Xsite easier than pulling a rabbit from a hat.
Customize the activities that best help your visitors explore and enjoy your attractions.

Inspire Exploration

Encourage visitors to dig into your
site’s att ractions using our Treasure Hunt Widget.

Old Photos Come Alive

See the past in a new way
with our Historic Photos Widget.


Tell your site’s unique story with our 3D Guide Widget.

Make Learning Fun

Create an enjoyable educational
experience with our interactive
Games Widget.

Journey to the Past

See how things were
with our immersive 3D
Reconstruction Widge

Mixed Reality Cinema

Integrate your video content with
the surrounding environment using
our AR Videos Widget.

Unlock Extraordinary Experiences

As Easy as "Hocus Pocus"

Unlock the power of creation with Xsite’s effortless interface. No technical skills required. Build engaging AR experiences quickly and easily with our user- friendly Web Studio.

More Visitors. Bigger Smiles.

Draw larger crowds and create unforgettable memories. Xsite’s interactive content boosts your site’s visitor traffic & satisfaction, with new experiences bringing them back time and again.

Affordable & Accessible for All

Affordable & Accessible
for All

Mind-blowing, immersive experiences are no longer reserved for major corporations. Xsite offers cost- effective plans that fit attractions of all sizes and budgets.

Turn Magic into Money

Unleash the potential of augmented reality to drive revenue growth. With Xsite, enhanced AR experiences captivate your visitors and ensure a quick return on investment.

Fully-Supported Sorcery

Xsite takes care of all updates automatically, eliminating the need for maintenance and allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable visitor experiences.

Drive Revenues

From idea to reality in no time. A fast onboarding process brings your immersive experience to life and transforms your attractions in as little as two weeks.

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